Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Applications Best Practices

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when using Applications on Facebook®:

  • You are not required to send Applications to your Friends when you add them. In fact, if you want to keep someone as a Friend you might be better off not sending the Application. Try telling a Friend via email or a Wall posting about an Application that you find fun or useful.
  • Realize that when you send an item such as a Pieces of Flair, or (Lil) Green Patch, the Friend has the option to ignore the request and may not accept the item. Accepting an item often means having to add that Application and this can confuse and frustrate some Facebook® users.
  • There is a difference between Applications developed and sanctioned by Facebook® and those created by third-party developers. There are very few official Facebook® Applications while there are literally hundreds of third-party Applications.
  • When selecting an Application you may find several Applications that are very similar. A good indication of which one to select is to see how many users there are for that Application. The higher the number of users, the more reliable the Application will be.
  • Feel free to add an Application, explore it within your Profile and then remove it if you find it just doesn't work for you. The Profile page is your space and some Facebook® users like to keep things very focused or very streamlined and not cluttered with Applications.


Tina Sansone said...

I get several invites a day to join things and send flowers, flair, things I still need to learn about. Is it offensive to the sender if the receiver ignores the invitation? While I don't want to offend anyone, I would be busy allday responding to every thing. There are some I definitely want to join, such as the "boot camp", but I dont' have time for flairs and flowers as many as I get daily. Please advise if you know the answer to this proper handling. Thanks! Tina

Thomas MacEntee said...

Hi Tina, I don't believe that the Sender knows that the Recipient has ignored or refused the gift - at least there is no email communication or notification back to the Sender.

However, if you know the Sender very well, they can probably look at your profile and see that you don't have Flair or Plants etc.

Here is what I think most people do: they get an item, accept it and then are asked to send to others. The Sender probably just selects several people off their Friend list and hit Send.

In my experience, there have not been any hard feelings over refusing or rejecting an item.