Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Networks - A Facebook Application

My favorite Facebook application, one I recommend to all genea-bloggers, is Blog Networks.

The application is a new one at Facebook - it seems to have rolled out in June 2008, just before many genea-bloggers started to come on board. It is growing quickly with more than 300 new blogs added every day.

Touted by developers as a social network for bloggers, the application creates a page for your blog and lists your blog name, url, language, tags, description, ratings (from other Blog Network users) and "popularity" – the number of blog fans who have joined your blog's network. The page also features a thumbnail screenshot of your blog. There are a few glitches in the thumbnails (some are showing up all black) that Facebook is working to correct. [Update 8/1/08: it looks like this has been corrected. Finally, Jennifer's Rainy Day Genealogy Readings thumbnail has arrived!]

From Facebook® Boo...

Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb thinks that Blog Networks can bring new readers:

Blogs just got a whole new audience: the casual reader. There has been some concern as of late that mainstream web users don't really read blogs, but a new Facebook app called "Blog Networks" aims to change that. The easiest way to describe this app is by calling it MyBlogLog for Facebook (as the headline says), but besides the ability to build a community around your blog, the two apps are rather different. If anything, Blog Networks may have the power to reach an entirely different demographic than MyBlogLog, whose community made up of a lot of blog owners and serious blog readers. The Facebook app, on the other hand, will appeal to casual readers by providing them with an easy-to-use blog directory and a simplified feed reader.

Sarah's extensive review Blog Networks: Like MyBlogLog for Facebook is a full tutorial on the application, so there's no need for me to re-create it.

If you haven't already added it, please go here to add Blog Network to your Facebook applications. Please be sure to tag your blog with one general category so your fellow genea-bloggers can find you.

While Blog Networks is still in beta, the application requires that a blog have more than 15 fans to have their feed displayed. Help out your fellow genea-bloggers and spread your fan-love to get everyone above the threshold. Search "genealogy" and "family history" to find them.

Overall I find Blog Networks to be fairly intuitive. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will try and find an answer.

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