Wednesday, July 30, 2008


TOO MUCH GBering on FB?


My Five Step Plan to remedy that dreadful feeling of being completely swamped or blogglobbled. I'm smacking back by

1. Getting FLAIRE outa my HAIRE --- no more pieces of flaire for me nor flaire for me to send.

2. Ending my gardening days --- no more growing plants to attend nor to send.

3. Deleting most of the "clutter" of messages on my wall of who was friends when and with whom --- what does that all mean anyway? [But do you know it took nine attempts to delete some of those clutter messages --- some all but refused to go!!!!!]

4. Resetting my options on email notifications --- no more emails notification on any topic from GB on FB. Now I retrieve my messages directly at the group GB on FB when I wish to retrieve them --- and my email box is back to normal.

5. Resolving to help and to welcome all of the members of GBers on FB.

Now that I've completed my five step plan (well, of course, # 5 will be an on-going project), I hope to get back to reading again. I've been missing, I think, lots of good articles by my Genea-Blogging friends --- but then all of you may have been so blogsmacked with GB on FB that you haven't written anything. Now I have time to go see.

Terry Thornton


Thomas MacEntee said...

Great post - now you need to explain how to do some of these, especially disabling e-mail notifications!

pastprologue said...


LOL. I've been blogsmacked, too! Great idea to remove the email notifications!


Terry Thornton said...

THOMAS, Will post about that ASAP.

DONNA, Blogsmacked is one thing; bloggobbled is another. I was sorta like the guy with a new digital cablevision service --- 500 channels. He attempted to see them all --- played switcharoo day after day and really watched "nothin'."

I got so bloggobbled with all that blogsmacking all I did was play switcharoo between email and GB on FB --- I had Flaire in my Haire and Plants Growing madly --- and requests from friends far and wide --- and never got anything done. So I weaned myself using my five step plan. LOL!


George Geder said...


Thanks for the tips and insights!
Bloggobbling under control!

"Guided by the Ancestors"