Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Changing Email Notifications Settings at FaceBook

The most important step in recovering from the blogsmacking that was blogglobbing me was to
stop the massive amount of emails being sent from GB at FB to my mailbox. All those messages were also showing up at GB at FB whenever I accessed my account there --- so I was sometimes responding twice to the same message. Too much to do and not enough time for that!

So if you are being swamped with excessive email notifications, do as I did and change the notifications settings. Here is how to do it. (Click page snippets for a larger image)

1. Open your FB account.

Across the top of the page, click on the "Settings" tab to unlock that feature. A drop-down will open; click ACCOUNT SETTINGS (I could not capture an image of this drop-down box).

Then a window such as the one below will appear:

Click the tab "Notifications." Wait until a window such as the following opens.

Note that you will get a long list (thirty-six or more various email options) under the general heading "Email Notifications." I went down the long list and clicked "OFF" on all choices. Then at the very bottom of the page find a section which looks like the following:

Click "SAVE CHANGES" --- I recommend you review the entire page to make sure you are happy with all your choices (I "of-ed" all thirty-six options).

Return to the top of the page that opens and find

"LOGOUT." Be sure to click logout to save and close your FB account.

No more email notifications to your email addy --- blogglobbing under control. And the beauty of this is it's reversible --- when you wanna be blogsmacked again with all those email notifications, just go in and click ON. Before you do that, however, THINK. And if that is really what you wish to do, admit that you are a blogglobber addict. Call a friend.

by Terry Thornton

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As my younger cousins would say:

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