Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Re-arranging Items on Your Facebook® Profile

Let's face it, like decorating any room in your home, arranging items on your Facebook® Profile always seems to be a work in progress. And, as you make Friends and travel to see other profiles, you may wonder, "How did they do that?" So here are some tips on arranging items in your Facebook® profile.

Old Facebook®

I am still using Old Facebook® and will do so until they pry my mouse from my cold dead hands. I find it is easier to re-arrange items under Old Facebook® as well.

1. Keep in mind that when you add new items such as Applications or Causes they usually end up at the bottom of your Profile.

2. Place your cursor on the "banner" or "heading" at the top of an item, hold down the left mouse button and "drag" the item to the new location.

3. The item will appear when you release your finger on the left mouse button.

It may take practice to move items around - I find that the screen scrolling can be slow or quirky so often I will drop the item farther up the screen, then move it up a second or third time.

New Facebook®

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of flexibility when it comes to moving New Facebook® items.

1. Click the "pencil" icon in the item banner and the Edit Box menu will appear.

2. You will not be able to drag this item to the main body of the profile. Your choices are Move to the Boxes tab or Remove. If you select Move to the Boxes tab, it will appear in the Boxes tab and you can then move it to a location within the Boxes tab.

3. And if the item is in the Boxes tab, you can select Move to Wall and the item will only appear in the far left area of the Profile not in the body of the profile.

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Colleen said...

So are you using the new facebook now? I didn't make any changes and suddenly Facebook is different! I like the more "open" look, but it's probably going to take some time to get used to finding things, like my "bookmarks" that disappeared from my profile page.