Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Items and Applications Are Included in a Facebook® Profile?

When you first sign up for a Facebook® account, you are given a basic set of items for your profile including Photos, Friends, Information, Education and Work, The Wall, and Mini-Feed.

As you make Friends and look at other Profiles, you may wonder about other items appearing on those applications. Here is how to add and remove Applications and some words of advice on using Applications.

What Applications Do I Have?

As the image above illustrates, Applications are displayed in the left margin of Facebook®. The list will always remain on the left even if you navigate to your Profile or other pages.

To see all applications, click the More link and the list will expand. Click the Less link and the list will return to its original state.

Editing and Removing Applications

Click the Edit link in the Applications section and the Edit My Applications page appears as shown above.

Click Remove to remove any application.

Click Edit Settings and the Edit Settings dialog will pop-up.

In the Edit Settings dialog, you can designate who can see the Application when visiting your Profile, where to display the Application, whether to receive News Feed or Mini-News Feed stories about the Application, and more. Make any changes and click Save Changes.

Adding New Applications

While on the Edit My Applications page, you may click the Browse More Applications button to explore other Applications available for your various Facebook® pages. The Application Directory will appear:

The majority of Applications have been developed for Facebook® profiles. Other types of Applications are listed in the right hand margin:

To learn more about an Application, click the Application name and the Application page with an Add Application link will appear:

Click Add Application and the Add Application page appears:

Use the various checkboxes to change your settings for the application and then click the Add button.

Once the Application appears, you may be prompted to Send the application on to your Friends. This is one of the more controversial, and to some, annoying aspects of Applications on Facebook® - see Applications Best Practices in an upcoming post.

All images on Facebook® at accessed by Thomas MacEntee on July 30, 2008.

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