Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What This Blog Is About

Being the first post, we want to let our future readers know what this blog is all about:

While many genealogy and family history users of Facebook® have been joining the Genea-Bloggers group, many have questions involving the technical side of Facebook®. including how to add/remove applications, the best practices for setting up a profile, etc.

There have been tutorial posts over at the Discussion Board but these are easily buried as other discussion topics are updated or new topics are added. And given that it is not easy - almost impossible - to add Applications to a Group page in Facebook®, this blog will be the next best thing.

Here you will be able to find topics related to how Facebook® works from a genea-blogger perspective. We realize that many of the postings here will be helpful to non-genea-bloggers as well and we welcome them as new readers as well.

Your feedback is always welcome through the Comments section on any post. And, if you are interested in contributing as an author with your own helpful Facebook® tips, please drop us a line!


Terry Thornton said...

THOMAS, Thanks for setting this up. I will certainly read and learn from you and your list of contributors. Good move in my opinion.


Colleen said...



Thanks for this helpful blog.

Ken Spangler said...


Thanks for setting up a boot camp for us. I've been kind of overwhelmed with Facebook. Hopefully things will get better now.