Thursday, August 7, 2008

Adding Your Blog Using Blog Networks

There have been several requests to outline the steps involved in getting your genealogy-related blog added to Facebook using Blog Networks. Here is a short summary:

1. Make sure you have Blog Networks added as an application.

2. Select the Blog Networks applications. Click Add New Blog.

3. When the Add A New Blog dialog appears, enter the pertinent information.

4. When finished, click Next. You will be asked if you are the author of the blog. Click Yes.

5. You now need to get 10 confirmations that you are the author. Why? This is Blog Networks' way of making sure that splogs (spam blogs) don't make their way into Facebook.

Click on Ask Friends to Verify.

6. Select up to 20 friends to whom you want to send the invitation. They will be asked to confirm you as author.

7. Your blog is now part of the Blog Network. It will not appear at the top of the My Blogs list until you receive 10 authors. Also remember that you need 15 readers or more to be included in the blog feed for Blog Networks.


Terry Thornton said...

Thomas, Thanks for telling me how Blog Networks "works." Your post answers some of my questions and tells me "how do" most nicely. THANKS.

Abba-Dad said...

I used the second option and added the widget to my blogger layout. Does that have the same effect or am I missing out on something?

Waleed said...

Thomas, thanks for spreading the word and explaining the process better than we managed to do. A few notes to add to your post:

- It's also possible to verify that you're the author by putting our widget which the application will verify. (you can remove the widget after the verification if you so choose). Either way (ask friends or use the widget), it's up to you and they're both the same to us.

- We're building a new infrastructure that can handle pulling feeds from tens of thousands of blogs (we have 25,000 blogs so far), at which point we'll be able to lower the 15 reader threshold which we now require before pulling the blog feed.

Founder and CEO
Blog Networks (Ninua, Inc.)

X-Faith said...


I added my blog to the blognetworks, just trying to get the name out there :),