Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blog Action Day "Poverty" Writing Challenge

by Terry Thornton

Lori Thornton who writes and publishes Smoky Mountain Family Historian has just called to attention the upcoming Blog Action Day addressing the broad topic of "poverty" in a post Blog Action Day -- October 15, 2008.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15. I will be joining Lori with a post dealing with the issue of poverty on that day and hope to see other writers joining this action by writing about poverty and family history.

Thanks, Lori, for announcing the topic --- and although you didn't challenge us to write but rather invited us to participate, I'd like to issue to the Genea-Bloggers Group a "Lori's Challenge to Post about Poverty on October 15."

I've already started on a piece --- and will finish it and put it in my scheduled posts for October 15 --- and I hope you will respond to the "Lori's Challenge to Post about Poverty" too. I look forward to seeing each member of the Genea-Bloggers Group all writing about poverty on the same day, October 15. Of this activity I can't think of why a "round-up" is necessary --- all the posts should appear on the same day --- not a carnival; not a round-up challenge --- but just all of us writing to the general topic of poverty as discussed by Lori.

I think this a worthy project for family historians and a writing project well suited to the Genea-Bloggers Group. As Lori says you've got almost two months to prepare an article so that it appears on Wednesday October 15.

UPDATE: It has been called to my attention that Jasia writing at Creative Gene in a post titled B.A.D. is Coming, and That's Good! announced this challenge prior to Lori's announcement. The only problem is I read Lori's post six hours before I read Jasia's --- sorry Jasia. So the challenge is on! Lets all get behind Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty and write, write, write about poverty and family history and post it on October 15.
The Genea-Bloggers' community is richly blessed with caring writers --- and I know whether you've learned about this challenge from Jasia, from Lori, or from the mess I've made of it you will write about poverty for Blog Action Day.

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Kudos Terry for bringing this to everyone's attention - as well as Jasia and Lori.

I think that the Genea-Blogger community is indeed richly blessed - especially when we can see opportunities like Blog Action Day and bring new meaning to topics as we write from a family historian's viewpoint.