Friday, August 8, 2008

Creating and Managing A Group

So, there isn't enough Facebook to keep you busy so you thought you'd start a group, huh? Groups can be an effective way of championing a cause, finding like-minded Facebook friends, or in my case, to seek out people with a specific surname and see if I can add more to my research for that surname.

There are several surname groups on Facebook but the concept realy hasn't taken off yet. Now with more and more genealogy blogs being posted, I think it is only a matter of time before genea-bloggers will want to understand how to create and manage a group.

Create A Group

1. Click on the Group application and then click on Create a Group. The Create A Group dialog will appear:

2. In the Group Name field, enter a name for the group. Leave the Network selection as Global - if you select a network such as Chicago, IL only members in that network will be able to join. Continue completing the other fields and then click Create Group when done.

3. The group will be created and the Edit Group dialog will appear. You can now customize the group settings in terms of participation and add a photo as well.

4. You need to make some decisions as to how this group will function and then check or uncheck certain customizations. Here are some issues to consider:

Open, Closed or Secret Group? - If the group is Open then it practically manages itself, that is if you don't have spammers or other Facebook members looking to cause problems. If you want potential members to meet a certain criteria (surname or surname derivation, common interest, etc.) then select Closed. Potential members will make a request to join which you as Administrator must approve. A Secret group is the most restrictive and one that other Facebook users won't stumble upon in a search - you will need to invite potential members.

To Post Or Not To Post? - notice in the options below that I have only given the ability to post videos and items to the Administrator.

Configure the options as you want and then click Save Changes.

5. Now you can invite Facebook friends to join your group or you can enter the e-mail addresses of non-Facebook friends.

6. Your group is now ready. Post Discussion Board items, Photos, create Events, etc. as you please - you are the Administrator!

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