Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Elusive Non-Breaking Space

Ugh! Don't you hate it when two items on your blog post break at the end of a line and you really want to keep them together? This is what I am talking about (pardon the weird John Madden-type graphics):

Here is the way to remedy the break and ensure that the text never separates between two lines:

1. In the Create Post or Edit Post mode, click on the Edit Html tab at the top.  Locate the text that is separating.  Note: very likely it will not appear separated inthe  Edit HTML or Compose tabs.

2.  Enter the following code between the text to be joined:

3.  Click Preview and see that the text has been pushed over to the next line and is not separate.

I learned all about non-breaking spaces when I was a document production operator and surpervisor for global law firms.  Here are instances when you might want to be proactive and insert the code so text is never separated:

- when using Mr., Mrs. or some form of address, it should never be separated from the name. Ex: Mr. Moe Tellsiks.

- when entering dates, never let the month separate from the date or the year.  Ex: September 13, 2008

- when using categorizing items such as (i) or (a) or manual bullet points.  Ex: (a) Holly Dayin would have nothing to do with Moe Tellsiks.

- any other times text would be more confusing if separated including mathematical formulas, addresses, etc.

Now, if I can find a code for a dishy.  Anyone know what a dishy is?

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Amy said...

I know what a dishy is... after I did a Google search for it :-)