Sunday, October 12, 2008

My New Genealogy Page and More!

Well, I've been working much of the weekend on my new website, thomas 2.0 including thomas 2.0 - The Blog. I think I'm ready to let the cat out of the bag on this one!

First, thomas 2.0 is basically a way of pulling all my various projects, both career and genealogy, into one area of easy access. What I am excited most about are these two parts of thomas 2.0:

thomas 2.0 - Genealogy: I've greatly expanded my genealogy page especially the links portion. There are now over 100 links that I find useful for my genealogy research. Take a visit and perhaps you will too. Special shout outs to Lorine of Olive Tree Genealogy and Jennifer of Rainy Day Genealogy Readings. As you can see, I find their sites very useful and have bookmarked a few of their posts!

thomas 2.0 - The Blog: I found the need for a more personal blog about me and about technology. With the byline "A treasure trove of technical tips, tricks, tweeks and treats" (talk about aliteration!), this site will contains posts pertaining to new technologies, many of them freeware, open-source or Web 2.0, and how to apply them to your own desktop, blog and more.

While you are at thomas 2.0 take time to look at my current Ventures or any other are and send me some feedback if you have a chance. Thanks!

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