Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now GenderAnalyzer - Who Writes Your Blog?

As if Typealyzer were not enough, there is a new writing style analyzer called GenderAnalyzer.

The premise of GenderAnalyzer is to determine if a blog has been written by a man or a woman. It uses artificial intelligence looking at only the homepage to make this determination.

Well, my main genealogy blog, Destination: Austin Family is supposedly written by a female, or perhaps by a male who is in touch with his "feminine voice." Hmmmmm. I'm not sure whether my masculinity should be offended or if I should just see my writing style as "gender neutral" as the analysis states.

My other blogs, I am happy to report, express the extent of my masculine writing style:

- The Graveyard Rabbit of New York Rural Cemeteries: 95% written by a man

- thomas 2.0 - The Blog: 78% written by a man(perhaps it is the technical content)

- Biglaw 2.0 - 83% written by a man

That puts me in line to be the Ernest Hemingway of the Genea-Bloggers I guess!

As for this blog, Facebook Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers, the rating is 93% written by a man. Since this blog is the work of several authors, both male and female, I wonder if that rating would change depending upon who has written the latest post?


Lisa said...

I say, "Poppycock!" All three of my blogs came up 60-something percent written by a man. Something is wrong with their formulas. It looks like its back to the drawing board for the creators of so-called "Genderanalyzer".


Miriam said...

Funny, all my blogs came back as written by a male...between 68 and 80-something percent each time! :-)