Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Display Your Shared Items from Google Reader

Yesterday I added a new feature to Destination: Austin Family called Items of Interest. This widget displays some of the blog posts, on a variety of topics, that I feel might be interesting to my readers. The widget is sourced from my Google Reader and the ones that I make with Share at the bottom of each post.

Here is how to set up your own widget and share would you find on Google Reader:

1. Go to Google Reader and click Share in the left sidebar.  The Your Shared Items dialog will appear.

2.  Click the Add a Clip link.

3.  The Put A Clip On Your Site dialog appears.  Here you can customize what readers will see in the widget including the title of the widget, the color scheme, number of items to display, and whether or not to show the source for each post.

4.  When finished, click the Add To Blogger button or copy and paste the html code into your own widget.  

My only issue right now is the inability to restrict the results to a certain folder within my Google Reader.  Since I have several blogs - some are tech-focused while others are genea-blogger types - it would be nice if I could target the types of posts to be displayed.

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Becky Jamison said...

Thanks! I'm going to go try this out.