Saturday, December 6, 2008

Give The Gift Of Following!

Do you use the Follow feature on Blogger? Have you set up the widget so that everyone - your faithful readers as well as the first time visitor - can follow your blog? And, have you sought out other genea-blogs to follow?

Using the Follow feature is not only a gift you give to other genea-bloggers by being a "follower" but a gift you give to yourself by allowing others to follow you. Here's how it's done:

To Add The Follow Widget

Under Customize, select the Layout tab. Click Add A Gadget, locate and select the Follow gadget, then when the Follow dialog appears click Save.

To Become A Follower

Locate the Follow This Blog link on the blog you wish to follow. In the Follow dialog, decide whether to follow Publicly or Anonymously. If you follow publicly, your profile picture will appear along with the other followers of the blog and blog visitors can then access your profile and blog information. Click Save.

How to Increase The Number of Followers?

Basically it is a reciprocal relationship: if I find a new follower on a blog, I click on their profile picture, look at their blogs and then set myself up as a follower.

Take the time this weekend to review the 150+ blogs listed here at Facebook Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers and see if there are any that you would like to follow!


Tex said...

Any way to do something similar in WordPress? I _could_ check my WordPress for Dummies book, I suppose. :-) I like this feature.

Thomas MacEntee said...

I know there are WordPress widgets to follow people on Twitter, MySpace etc. but not similar to the Blogger feature.

Best bet is to probably do a search at the WordPress Codex site - you will need to register:

Apple said...

Hi Thomas,

Do you know how to expand the widget so that it shows all your followers rather than just the last 18 to follow you? Or if you can't expand the list shown can you set it to rotate somehow? I've been through the code and can't find anything that limits it to 18 so I don't know what to change. Of course the second I start looking at code I get a headache.

If you want to follow several blogs without taking the time to visit each and you have google reader you can select blogs to follow from your dashboard.

You can also follow Wordpress blogs or blogs on other platforms this way. They then show up on your profile page, which then becomes a secondary link list. Which I need to go update!


Thomas MacEntee said...


Right now Blogger sets the limit on the backend to the last 18 followers. There has been some chatter on the Blogger forums about expanding this or at least giving blog authors the ability to control the widget.

You can make your wish known here:

Apple said...

Thanks for looking at it for me. I thought I was just missing something. I'll give 'em my thoughts.

Miriam said...

I wish it would allow me to follow more than 200 blogs! Right now I am subscribed to 210 genealogy blogs in my Google Reader, and I haven't even added all the Graveyard Rabbit blogs yet! This number doesn't count the 30 or so non-genealogy blogs and news feeds I'm subscribed to.