Thursday, December 4, 2008

Using Facebook Notes for Blog Posts

Recently a fellow genea-blogger asked how I was able to have my blog posts from Destination: Austin Family appear as posted Notes in Facebook. I had set up the Facebook Notes application so long ago that I just forgot about it! Here is how to locate, install and adjust the import settings so that your blog posts are automatically posted on your Facebook profile for others to see.

1. Locate the Facebook Notes application by typing Notes in the Search field and selecting Search Facebook.

2. A list of applications appears. Select the Notes application which lists Facebook as the developer. Click View Application.

3. A description of the Facebook Notes application appears. Click Install Application. Note: in the image below, there is no installation link since I've already installed it on my Facebook profile.

4. Once the application is installed, locate the Notes Settings. Click Edit Import Settings.

5. Enter the URL for your blog. You are limited to only one blog and the Facebook Notes application can only be installed once per Facebook profile.


Becky Jamison said...

Thanks!I used the notes but never thought of adding my own blog to be imported. I appreciate the tip!

Christopher said...

Thanks. This was very helpful.