Monday, January 12, 2009

Pages and Fans

A feature of Facebook which isn't discussed very often is the Page feature.
What is a Page? And for that matter, what is a Fan? Pages and Fans go hand in hand.

What is a Page?

A page is Facebook's way of letting members market a product, service, concept or celebrity without having to create a group or having that product/service/concept/celebrity accept friend requests. It basically is a method of having a presence on Facebook without all the administrative duties that come along with groups, etc.

Finding a Page

For this post, I will be referencing certain genealogy-related pages on Facebook. Let's say you wanted to find ppages related to genealogy.

1. In the upper left right hand corner of your Facebook page, enter the term genealogy in the search field and press Enter. (Note: several entries may appear if they match the term genealogy and I am already a fan of their page or the person has genealogy in the name)

2. Facebook will display all results that contain the name genealogy including people, pages, groups and more.

3. Click the Pages tab.

4. Note the entry Genealogy Guys Podcast. Click the link to view the Genealogy Guys Podcast page. (Note: in the image below I have masked out the actual listing of fans due to privacy concerns)

Becoming a Fan

1. Click the Become a Fan link and your name/profile will be added to the list of fans.

2. Reviewing the list of fans for a page is a good way to find potential new friends on Facebook - you already have something in common, right?

Who Can Create a Page?

Any Facebook member can create a page but in order for the page to be approved, it must fit within certain categories. To create a page use this link:


T.K. said...

LMAO, Thomas. Last night I was looking at my old xanga blog and came across a post in which I referred to a link that could be found in the column on the right. Later, after one of my kids explained the difference between my right and my left, I posted an update to acknowledge that I did mean the "other" right column. Too funny now to read your post and find, in no. 1, how great minds think alike. We just want to keep our readers on their toes, left? I mean, right? ;-)

Thomas MacEntee said...

Well, I am a bit frozen here in Chicago - that's my excuse and I'm going with it!!!

T.K. said...

Okay, it's a fine enough excuse, and I reserve the right to shamelessly borrow it at will, once I get to Michigan...

Kathryn Doyle said...

I am a great fan of FB Pages - I've put up several, including the California Genealogical Society Facebook Page.

What's really nice about FB Pages is that anyone can view a Page - even a non-member.