Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still More New Genea-Blogs!

I'm convinced that many people had either "Create Blog on Genealogy" or "Return to Blogging About Genealogy" on their New Year's resolution list for 2009!  Either that or I've just been missing out on some great blogs!

Please check out the list below and besides welcoming them to the wonderful and wacky world of genea-blogging, try to do the following to not only welcome them into the fold, but to bring them some attention and some traffic:

  • Use the Follow feature in Blogger and follow their blog

  • Add them to your blog reader

  • Use the "join blog network" feature in the Networked Blogs application on Facebook
Here are blogs which I've recently added to the Blog List here on Facebook Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers:

Ask Olive Tree a Question -  "Do you need help finding an ancestor? Do you have a genealogy question you would like to ask me? Do you want to know where to find certain genealogy records? Let Lorine help! "

Carole's Canvas - "Where It All Hangs Out" (Carole is a new genea-blogger from Australia!)

A Canadian Family - "This site has two purposes: to share our family history information and to help others who are researching Acadians, French Canadians or the regions of eastern Canada." (Evelyn is a new genea-blogger from Canada!)

Claudia's Genealogy Blog - "I have been researching my family history for two years now. My regret and probably the one of many thousands of others is that they did not start sooner"

Computer Tips and Tutorials - "Tips and Tutorials for Your Genealogy Web Site Design & Research"

Conversation With Ancestors Past - "This blog is a place to gather my thoughts. I dabble in genealogy, I try to knit, on occasion I dust off my spinning wheel. A central point if you will, welcome!"

Excavating For My Roots - "Fitzpatrick, Clement, Butcher, Plaisted and Their Descendants"

Family Lines - "this and that in the world of genealogy"

Genealogical Hanhazardry"This blog is devoted to investigating and collecting resources for public librarians and patrons to use in researching family histories. As I am a novice genealogist myself, I post things as I find them, and no, I don't really know what I'm doing, hence the haphazardry"

MoSGA Messenger - "The Official Blog of the Missouri State Genealogical Association"

Sasser Sagas - "Genealogy and History of individuals with the SASSER surname"

The Spittoon - "More than you've come to expextorate"

TJLGenes: Preserving Our Family History - "An attempt to document and disseminate genealogical information pertaining to my ancestry and related families - consisting of family history, genealogy and kin-kenning. Included within is information, photographs, speculations and history of my maternal & paternal lines, as well as the lines of my spouse and stepchildren"

Trace Your Dutch Roots - "A geneablog by Henk van Kampen"


Andrea Christman said...

I'm guilty! My 2009 resolution is to organize the piles of papers, documents & photographs cluttering my home office and while I use Legacy and CLOOZ, I need INSPIRATION! Thanks for being out there and keeping us motivated!!!

Cheryl Rothwell said...

What I need is time! I get the idea but I can't stop doing something to do it or I don't have a computer. Oh, gee, another excuse to buy a netbook. :-)

ET said...

Just a note to let you know I'm so happy you mentioned my blog but I commented about in your January 3rd blog - oops!
Anyways thanks again.
Evelyn in Montreal