Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updates to Networked Blogs on Facebook

I was helping a friend market his genealogy blog this morning and noticed there are some changes over at Networked Blogs. Most of them seem to be cosmetic but I am glad of one major change: they now use the term Follow instead of Join.

Why is this important? Well in the world of social media and social media marketing (which I use heavily in both my new business and my genealogy), the term "follow" has much more significance than "join." The whole idea with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is to build a group of followers. The more followers you have - and they should be quality followers who have the same interests as you - the more likely you are to become an "influence" or an "expert" in an area.

Also, it appears there is a Profile area that allows you to enter a bio and up to five URL links to other sites.

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