Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bulld A Blog Roll Using Google Reader

As of late, I've been dissatisfied with the Blog List widget that is part of Blogger - I found that with over 225 geneablogs, resolving the updates to the list caused by blog pages to load very slowly. With that, I deleted the Blog List from both this blog and Destination: Austin Family.

With work progressing on the Geneabloggers site, I thought that it was only natural to display a list of all genealogy and family-history related blogs. However, since Geneabloggers uses the Wordpress blogging platform, I felt I was at the mercy of several very labor intensive alternatives.

One method would be to create links to each blog, assign the Blog Roll category and then create a widget to display them. I kept telling myself that this was crazy since I had the data available in my Google Reader which I use to read and subscribe to all the geneablogs. There had to be a way that I could leverage this information for both Wordpress-based blogs as well as Blogger-based blogs. Here's how I was able to accomplish the task:

1. Make sure you are using Google Reader and that your blogs are "tagged" with a category name such as geneablogs or genealogy.

2. In Google Reader, click Settings. The Settings screen appears.

3. Click Folders and Tags. A list of your various tag categories appears.

4. Click Add A Blogroll To Your Site. The blogroll dialog appears.

5. My recommendation is to delete the title and leave the field empty and to select None for the color scheme. This will allow your blogroll to utilize the color scheme already in place on your blog.

6. Highlight and copy the HTML code.

7. For Blogger blogs, you can proceed to add a gadget in the standard fashion selecting Customize, Layout, Add A Gadget, selecting the HTML gadget and pasting the HTML code.

8. For Wordpress blogs, you can proceed to add a widget in the standard fashion selecting Appearance, Widgets, select the Text widget and pasting the HTML code.


JoLyn said...

This is my new favorite blog - you have helped me so much lately. Thanks!

Ginger Smith said...

Hi, thanks so much for this article. I got it pasted to my blogger blog, but when I add the html to my text widget in wordpress, it just disappears. I paste it in the box, click "done", then save changes. What am I doing wrong?

Thomas MacEntee said...


I'm not sure what's up with the WordPress widget - I'm sure you tried it several times.

Question: do you have a hosted (paid) WordPress account or a template that allows widgets? I've had some templates where I had to add the HTML code to the Sidebar template under Appearance, Editor.

Tokeloshe said...

Thank you, it works for me.

Keep up the good work!

Have a great day.