Thursday, February 5, 2009

Embedding Links In Comments

When making a comment about a post on another blog, wouldn't it be great if you could embed a link back to your own blog or to another blog instead of just typing "" etc.?  Some geneabloggers also call this "making links look pretty" meaning having a way for a user to click on the link instead of copying and pasting it into a new browser tab or window.

Most blogs do not have an automated method to embed links but if you are willing to learn a very simple snippet of HTML code, you can solve this problem.

For my example, I am using a recent comment I left on Janet Iles' blog Janet the researcher:

1. In the Comments box, enter the text of your comment.

2.  Go to the item you want to link.   Enter the html code as shown below which uses the href command.  

Take a minute to see how the code is constructed and realize for every "open code" there is a "close code":

- for each "<" there is another ">"
- for each " there is another "

This is also known as "on code/off code" - such as "a" being the "on code" and "/a" being the "off code."

3.  Next, replace the word LINK with the actual URL for the link - make sure the quotation marks are in place around the URL link.

4.  Next, replace the word text with the text which will appear as the link.  In this example it is Geneabloggers.  Continue the same process for all other links.

5.  Hit Preview.  You may see an error message stating that the HTML code cannot be accepted.  Most likely, you are missing a quotation mark or you have an "open code" without a corresponding "close code."  In the example below, a quotation mark was missing.  

6.  Your comment should preview perfectly with the embedded links - then you are on your way to completing the posting process.

Note: the HTML code will work for comments on most any blogging platform including WordPress.

We all know that being part of the geneablogger world is taking the time to comment on other posts.  There are times when it would be great to drive traffic back to your own site or to that of another geneablogger and now you can with this little html trick!


Janet Iles said...

Thanks Thomas for this lesson and the link to my site in your comments. Janet the Researcher</a

I hope I did this right.

Cherie said...

Thanks for posting this. When I started using Blogger, it was disappointing to me that they make it so difficult to post a link in their comments. I may put a link to this entry with above my comment box!

Thomas MacEntee said...


It seems that you have an extra < and a "/a" at the end of your link. Otherwise it looks great!

Thomas MacEntee said...


Also, the "I hope I did this right." is within the link - this means you need to close out the HTML code before this paragraph.


Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thomas, I'm going to give it a try now. You're such a huge asset to me and other bloggers out there. I hope you will have time to visit me at Genealogy Traces once in a while!

Many thanks,


Hi, Thomas. Where would we be without you? Tracing The Tribe and the International Jewish Graveyard Rabbit both thank you!


Scottish Genealogist said...

Thanks for another useful post, Thomas - I'm slowly getting there at Scottish Genealogist so now off to look at how to get my head round Trackbacks and Pingbacks!