Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Add Your Blog To Google Results

Although this feature was announced by Google back in November 2008, I've finally gotten around to using the SearchWiki feature in Google.

SearchWiki allows you to "add" your preferred website when searching for a specific term or keyword. It requires that you have a Google account and have signed in to that account. Here are the steps to using SearchWiki:

1. Search for your keyword or term. In the example below I've used "genealogy blogs."

2. Notice that the Geneabloggers site is not listed among the top ten listings (I am working on tweaking my SEO settings to get the page rank moved higher!).  Scroll to the bottom of the web browser screen and click Add a result.  Enter your preferred URL in the Add a page . . . field and click Preview.

3.  Review the results and click Add.

4.  Refresh the search and your preferred URL will appear at the top of the search results.  

5.  Keep in mind that this occurs only when you are signed in to your Google account.  But using SearchWiki to add your preferred URL will allow others to see this result when they click See all notes for this SearchWiki at the bottom of the screen.  They will then be able to "promote" the URL to be in their search results for the term or keyword.


diME said...

wow thanks!!!

I really like ur blog and all your how's to.. C: thanks!

Janice Tracy said...

Thanks, Thomas, for your great tip. I followed your instructions, and it worked!