Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Your Blog Mobile Ready?

These days many readers are accessing blogs through mobile devices especially with the debut of the iPhone almost two years ago.

Have you ever thought of what your readers encounter when they try to access your site on a mobile device? Would you even know where to start in terms of making your blog "mobile compliant?"

A new site called Mobify ensures that visitors to your blog from mobile devices have a great experience in accessing your site. Mobify lets you create a free mobile view that eliminates long load times, incompatible content and difficult navigation on websites. According to Mobify's site, users see a 50% increase in mobile traffic with visitors wanting to return once a site is made easier to access on a mobile device.

How does it work? Here is the step-by-step process from Mobify's website (using the site http/ as an example):

1. Mobile user pulls out his iPhone (Nokia, BlackBerry, etc) and clicks a link to that he just saw on Twitter.

2. is a WordPress blog with a Mobify plugin installed. It detects the mobile device and redirects the user to the mobile view located at (plugins for Drupal & Expression Engine and a generic JavaScript snippet are also available)

3. As is a DNS CNAME pointer to, MOBIFY receives the request and loads the original webpage at on user's behalf.

4. MOBIFY applies content selection and styling tweaks set by the site owner and resizes the images to fit the mobile screen, reducing page size by orders of magnitude and making it look just right. Image resizing and other transcoding takes place in an optimized cloud computing environment so even the most media-rich sites are adapted in an instant, without overloading the source site.

5. The page is loaded in seconds and the mobile user is pleasantly surprised without knowing anything about MOBIFY.

There are three pricing levels available: free, plus and premium. With the free version, users will see the "powered by Mobify" footer and you won't have access to analytics or preferred support.

If you want to expand your blog traffic you may want to consider checking out Mobify!


Geoff said...

Thanks for the tip. Our Typepad blog didn't have Mobify as a built-in widget, but it did have Mippin ( to convert our blog to mobile-ready. I added a link in our header to "read on mobile phone". See Works great on my mobile phone. It takes much less time to load because it doesn't load all the graphics, etc. and is well-formatted. Funny thing - while waiting for my car at the repair shop this morning, I browsed to our blog and noticed it sure took a long time to load, and wished there were a better way to view a mobile-friendly blog. Thanks again for the timely tip.

Moultrie Creek said...

WordPress has a great mobile plugin that recognizes a mobile visitor and presents a page designed for mobile devices. I don't have to do anything special - the plugin does all the work. Life is good!