Monday, July 27, 2009

Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings for Photos

Just an FYI to check your Facebook privacy settings so that third-party vendors are not able to use the photos that you post. Is this something new or a change in Facebook's Terms of Service (TOS)? No. But there have been recent incidents where a Facebook user suddenly sees their photo that they posted on their Wall show up advertising a website or an item

Example (and in the funny or not-so-funny vein depending upon your perspective): a married man was on his Facebook page when suddenly he sees his wife's picture advertising a dating site with the caption "Hot singles are waiting for you!" The problem is that your photos can be "co-opted" to advertise to your friends on Facebook!

Here is how you can make certain that your photos are not used by third-party vendors in Facebook:

1. Go to your Facebook page.

2. In the upper right corner click Settings and then select Privacy.

3. Next, click News Feed and Wall.

4. Click the Facebook Ads tab.

5. Make sure the setting for Appearance in Facebook Ads is set to "no one."

6. Click Save.

(via Mashable)

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Bob Kramp said...

Thanks. Any tips like this are always welcome.

Moultrie Creek said...

Great tip. Thanks for the heads up!

Mavis said...

Thanks for the tip

Tracey said...

Thanks ever so much for that, really appreciated x

Brenda said...

Thomas, could you say something on the blog about the Facebook feature "Live Feed - View Live News" or whatever that feature is called? I was away for a couple of weeks and it was new when I returned. I've tried clicking on both parts of it but now my own posts never appear on my home page. How can I make it go back to "normal"?


Sarndra said...

Interesting. When i went thru the process a diologue box popped up saying "Worried about privacy? Your photos are safe.
There have been misleading rumors recently about the use of your photos in ads. Don't believe them. These rumors were related to third-party applications, and not ads shown by Facebook. Get the whole story at the Facebook Blog, or check out the Help Center."

Becky said...

Interestingly, I was not able to access the Facebook Ads section via the path you specified. I was only able to change my settings through Settings\Account Settings\Facebook Ads. I also received the pop-up message Sandra mentioned.

Thanks for this tip!

Michelle said...

With Facebook changing the website layout quite frequently, I thought I would post the NEW PATH to edit the privacy settings.

It is now located under "My Account" -> "Facebook Ads.


A rootdigger said...

Wonder how I can get the hand with the pen logo for gena bloggers. I took mine off and forget where I got it. I know I applied it under text application.
thanks. I love your blog!

Thomas MacEntee said...

You can get the GeneaBloggers badge here: