Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Graying of Facebook

As reported by iStrategy Labs via Mashable, it appears that the demographic of Facebook is definitely changing.

In the last six months alone there has been a growth rate of 514% in the number of users age 55 and above! While this sub-group still only represents about 8% of overall Facebook users, the growth rate does seem to indicate that Facebook is catching on especially with retirees.

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Janet Hovorka said...

I was just told a story the other day about a grandfather who found his 19 year-old grandaughter on facebook who had run away and lost contact with the family for the last couple of years. Amazing. That must have been quite a message for her. Hope it touched her heart as much as it did mine. (sniff) I would give anything to facebook with my grandparents (who have all passed).