Sunday, July 12, 2009

Screenjelly Makes Screencasts Simple

Have you ever wanted to explain a procedure to a family member or colleage but e-mail or a phone call just didn't convey what could be done visually? And what about those procedures where a series of screen captures just don't work either?

Well if you've been hesitant to invesigate creating "screencasts" because you thought it would involve special software, complicate audio recording, etc. then you need to check out Screenjelly.

All that is required to create this snippets are a java-enabled web browser - audio is optional. There is a 3-minute max on the length of recordings.

The best feature is how easy Screenjelly makes it to share your recordings: you can send them via e-mail or post them via Twitter or Facebook!

© Thomas MacEntee - 2009

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