Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Status of Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers

Just a quick note to explain the lack of posts here at Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers:

There haven't been any posts since July 29, 2009 and folks have noticed this - as well as the site having more technology-oriented posts.

I've been working on developing a technology section of GeneaBloggers complete with a printable PDF newsletter and an easy-to-use menu system so you can locate the blog help you need.  The target date for this new project is January 2010 - stay tuned!

And in case you are worried, Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers won't be going away - it will stay here in its current form with all the archived posts for those genealogy bloggers looking for assistance.


Bob Kramp said...

Thanks Thomas for your commitment to keep "Bootcamp" going. I rely on it.

Myrt said...

ANYTHING you are working has to be GREAT, based on all the support you've given us genea-bloggers.

Ol' Myrt :)

Russ said...

I enjoy your blog and I've awarded you the "Happy 101 Award". You can read about it and pick it up here:

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I'm glad you're leaving Bootcamp online - at least for awhile - but I do think it' a good idea to be consolidating things over at Geneabloggers. With the explosion of online resources it's good to have some stuff being centered at one location.
Evelyn in Montreal